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This server provides these services to the Handshake network:

hsd full node
This full node is one of the network seed nodes, meaning its location is hard-coded in the software. It supports up to 128 incoming connections and BIP37 (SPV) connections.

DNS-over-HTTPS server
You can use this server as a trusted resolver, making DNS requests over HTTPS that resolve to the local Handshake full node. You can try it out by configuring Firefox's TRR Settings in about:config

network.trr.mode  3
network.trr.uri  https://easyhandshake.com:8053/dns-query

Handshake DNS seeder
easyhandshake.com runs an authoritative nameserver over the subdomain seed anchored by NS Records in the ICANN DNS system. It returns A and AAAA records generated from the hostlist of the local full node, so bootstrapping nodes can find more peers on the network. You can request those records from any legacy DNS resolver:

dig seed.easyhandshake.com

Web browser SPV node
Because hsd is written in JavaScript, it can be repackaged for use in a web browser. The entire SPV node runs in the browser, storing block header data in the browser's application storage. Easyhandshake provides a proxy server to connect the webapp to the p2p network. Some explanation is provided in this bcoin guide. Remember, the web browser is not a secure environment for crypto operations. It's just a proof-of-concept for now, but it does allow web clients to make DNS requests to the live Handshake network.

Launch the in-browser SPV Handshake node!

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